Jan 242008

    Yes folks, I was able to spend this past year traveling the country talking with all of YOU about yurts because I have SPONSORS. These are visionary companies who agreed that it was in everyone’s best interests for me to pursue spreading the news and answering your questions about this affordable, accessible, aesthetic and amazing shelter we call the Yurt.

    I went to these companies for sponsorships after my book came out because I knew them and respected their products and business practices. (I’ve owned yurts from two of the companies.)  And now I’d like to express my heartfelt gratitude to my tour sponsors (drum roll, please):  Colorado Yurt Company, Rainier Yurts and Pacific Yurts. Without them it wouldn’t have been remotely possible to do what I did this past year!

    All three companies have also participated as sponsors for my yurtinfo.org website, along with GoYurt Shelters. This has enabled me to completely update and redesign the website, making it easier to navigate and adding information that is useful to everyone. For example, I’ve added a couple of excerpts from my book on "How to Buy a Yurt" and "Building Codes", plus new pages on Yurt Workshops, Yurt Financing and Yurt Consulting. Coming soon, to a laptop near you…(hopefully by March at the latest)!

    Also on the horizon–"Yurtspeak", the first issue of our online
international yurt newsletter. Also in the planning stages:
teleseminars with my sponsors on building codes and other frequently
asked questions. The teleseminars will be free and will give you a
chance to bring your Big Yurt Question to a panel of experts!

    There are two more companies I’d like to thank. They’re newer,
smaller companies that couldn’t afford a sponsorship, but Montana’s Shelter Designs helped book a Montana tour and came on the road with me, and the amazing women of Blue Ridge Yurts in Floyd, Virginia, offered friendship, a great week of working together and a generous parting gift.  Thank you all!

    Thank you also to my publisher, Gibbs Smith, Publisher,
for gas money and for printing up bookmarks, postcards and posters.
Thanks also to publicist Jessica McKenzie for inspiration and support.

    The yurt industry is full of amazing, gifted, leaders who design
with vision and give from their hearts. It’s an honor to be a part of

May everyone have great success in this new year!


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